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Roads subject to tolls and compulsory vignette in Slovenia

All motor vehicles up to and including 3.5t are obligated to have a vignette in Slovenia.

The vignette obligation applies on all motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia managed by the motorway operating company DARS d.d. A vignette is required for single-track motor vehicles (motorcycles) and two-track motor vehicles with or without trailers, the maximum authorised weight of which does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

The vignette obligation also applies on the route Spielfeld – Maribor and even for the motorway section via Koper. Driving through the Karawanken Tunnel is not included in the vignette price and a separate toll must be paid here.

Since 1st April 2018, vehicles above 3.5 t maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) require a “DarsGo unit” box. This also applies to RVs of this weight class. More information can be found on

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Camping vehicles and two-track motor vehicles

7 day, 1 month or yearly vignette

Camping vehicles (regardless of height) and two-track motor vehicles, where the height of the vehicle above the front axle does not exceed 1.30 m and the maximum permissible weight does not exceed 3,500 kg, with or without a trailer.

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Two-track motor vehicles

7 day, 1 month or yearly vignette

Two-track motor vehicles with a vehicle height above the front axle of 1.30 m or more and a maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3,500 kg, with or without a trailer.

If the height of the vehicle above the first axle is close to 130 cm and you are not sure what toll-rate category your vehicle is classified in or if there are any further questions, please check the list of measured vehicles at

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One-track motor vehicles

7 day, 6 months or yearly vignette

For all motorcycles

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Vehicle Category

In Slovenia, the vehicle category depends on the height of the vehicle measured on the first axle and the number of axles of the vehicle (with trailer). Certain vehicle categories are assigned to the according toll categories (toll category 2A, 2B or 1).

Vignette in Slovenia

Tip: Affix the vignette immediately on receipt.

A valid undamaged vignette affixed in an untinted area on the left hand side of the windscreen interior is the only acceptable substantiation that the toll has been duly paid.

The validity depends on the period indicated on the toll ticket. Day, month or year vignettes are available.

A cash fine starting from € 300 and as much as € 800 is imposed if a vignette is not affixed, if a forged vignette is used or if a vehicle is driven without a vignette.


Special arrangement for monthly vignettes
DARS, the Slovenian vignette operating organisation, informs us that the current toll regime rules that the first day of validity of the 1-month vignette for passenger cars and of the 6-month vignette for motorbikes is the same as the day of purchase! In order to prevent a misunderstanding at vignette checkpoints, we suggest that you have our vignette delivery note with you at all times. The delivery note clearly shows the day of delivery, the vignette’s serial number, and the price.


Please use the yellow lanes on the motorway at the toll stations.

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