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Car toll in Italy with the Telepass box

The Italian toll system proves to be complicated for car drivers. The toll box Telepass is a substantial relief.

Many motorway operator companies divide the route network among themselves and partly demand different fees which are usually based on the actual traveled distance. These toll or motorway fees usually depend on the distance actually driven.  In addition, there are also motorway sections for which a certain flat rate is to pay.

The toll in Italy is usually payable at toll stations with barriers. If you are driving without a Telepass, you must take a ticket at the entrance to the motorway, store it carefully and, at the exit, present it again for the calculation of the toll in order to pay the amount due by credit card, ViaCard or cash.

Differently with the toll box Telepass: This device opens the barrier at the toll station automatically, both at the entrance and at the exit. Thus, Telepass users drive nonstop through the tollbooth, often on specially reserved lanes that lead by the traffic jams in the other lanes.

An automatic collection of the toll with a Telepass was previously only possible for users with an Italian bank account. tolltickets now also provides the Telepass to all drivers without a bank account in Italy.

An online registration is sufficient and the dispatch of the toll box Telepass takes place on the desired day. You do not need to worry about toll costs and it makes travelling much more relaxed and comfortable.

The Telepass also functions on the ferry Villa San Giovanni – Messina from the Italian mainland to Sicily. Please drive to the Telepass lane. The purchase of a ticket in the Biglietteria is not necessary. Further information can be found at this link: Please click here!

Also the Telepass can be used in many Italian parking buildings. You will find more detailed information via this link: Please click here!

In addition the Telepass works on the Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda (“Free Flow” system) in the greater Milan area. You do not need to register separatel

Which vehicle do you have?


All categories

tolltickets offers the Telepass box for all vehicles (even with trailer).


How it works

Clean the glass with a cleaning cloth

Affix the box to the support

Remove the protective film from the support

Press the device in the holder onto the windshield behind the rearview mirror

Tip: Important information regarding the positioning of the toll device can be found in our FAQs or our instruction leaflets.

Using the Telepass

A Telepass per vehicle is provided to you through tolltickets.

  • Lanes marked with a yellow T
    Almost all lanes are marked with this “T”. It allows fully automated use with a Telepass.
  • Yellow lanes (no personnel)
    Used exclusively with Telepass.
  • Blue lane (no personnel)
    Automat for credit cards and VIAcard only
  • White lanes (without personnel!)
    Automat for cash, credit cards and VIAcard
  • White lanes with personnel
    Cash, credit cards and VIAcard

Very often there are extra lanes reserved exclusively for Telepass (yellow lanes). As a rule, these lanes begin many hundred metres ahead of the toll station and allow you to drive on past the queues at the manual toll booths.

Almost all lanes are marked with this “T”. It allows fully automated use with a Telepass.


No stopping with Telepass

You can manage the Telepass easily and above all quickly, as a small electronic receiver which is attached to the windscreen. This box enables you to use the specifically designated Telepass lanes at Italian toll stations, thereby enabling you to continue without having to stop. The Telepass registers every transit passage and automatically transmits the corresponding data to tolltickets for charging purposes.


Vehicle change

The Telepass toll box is linked to the license plate of your vehicle. However, the toll box can be used at any time in another vehicle. Before changing the vehicle, you only have to change the toll box to the new vehicle in your My account area.

For vehicles in other classes please contact us directly. We will gladly send you a separate offer.


Information about paying by credit card

You should not rely on payment by credit card because credit cards or all credit cards are not accepted everywhere. The credit card lanes are not manned by personnel. If you drive into a lane with credit card acceptance and your card is not accepted then you will need to get manual help. Turning around is strictly prohibited and can be very expensive.

Toll-free motorways / Freeways

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The advantages at a glance:

No charging

Convenient payment
No prepaiment. No remaining credit. No cash.

Toll box

Preferred processing at the toll station
No waiting. Easy go through, thanks to online toll.


Parking without a parking card
Convenient billing via toll invoice.


Buy toll online for all of Europe 
Nearly all European countries available

Order before departure

Order before departure
No stress at the toll station


Secure billing. Clearly arranged. Detailed.
Always comprehensible, detailed and with legal sales tax.

Enjoy the dolce vita without stopping

Stress-free through the paygate: Stick the Telepass box to the windscreen and drive through every toll station on the motorway without stopping!

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