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Roads subject to tolls and compulsory vignette

In Hungary, motorways, highways and certain sections of main roads can only be used against payment of a road toll (motorway toll), meaning that an e-Vignette must be procured. Only certain road sections can be used free of charge (e.g. the entire length of Motorway M31).

As from 01.10.2008, the former paper vignette was replaced by an electronic vignette. The advantage of this new technology is that the e-vignette can be purchased online and is valid immediately if necessary. So there is no longer the need for posting the vignette and sticking it on the windscreen.

All the necessary vignette data such as the relevant validity and vehicle data are stored centrally by the toll operators and are immediately available to the authorities for control purposes.

The price category is specified from the official entry in the registration certificate.

Which vehicle do you have?



Motorcycles (for 10 days only)

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Passenger vehicle

Up to 3.5t and max. 7 seats

Motorcycles and passenger cars (with up to 7 seats incl. drivers seat) with a maximum permissible total weight of 3.5 t, with or without trailer.

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Up to 3.5t and more than 7 seats

Motor vehicles for commercial goods transport up to 3.5 t

Mobile homes

All passenger cars with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 9 seats (incl. driver) as well as motor vehicles for the commercial goods transport with a maximum permissible total weight of 3.5 t, and all mobile homes (independent of the permissible total weight).

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Passenger vehicles with minimum of 10 seats (incl. Driver)

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Trailers of vehicles of the categories D2 and B2 (for the vignette the trailers license plate must be indicated).

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Vignette in Hungary

When choosing your motorway vignette, pay attention to the period (weekly, annual or monthly vignette). With which vehicle do you travel? by car? by truck?  by Motorhome? And what about the maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW)?

For stress-free road use in Hungary, make sure in advance that you have a valid toll or vignette in the various control sections.

Vehicles in the other categories (lorries heavier than 3.5 t) must use the HU-GO system:. More information:

e-vignettes for specific administrative districts:
Hungary is subdivided administratively into 20 regions, 19 so-called Comitats and the capital Budapest. In addition to the vignettes valid nationwide independent of time, regionally limited vignettes valid for one year can be purchased for vehicles of categories D1, D2, U and B2. The expressway network of a selected Comitat subject to tolls can be used with a Comitat vignette. Only vignettes valid for one year can be purchased for some Comitats, whereby several Comitat e-vignettes can be purchased for a vehicle. The validity area of the Comitat vignettes can be viewed by following this link: Please click here!

Observe: Unauthorised road use

Driving on a road section subject to tolls without a road use permit or without a valid permit is considered as unauthorised road usage.

The road-user authorisation is invalid if:

  • The fee category for the triggered authorisation is lower than the fee category for the inspected vehicle (with trailer)
  • The number plate stated on the counterfoil or the reconfirmation does not accord with the actual vehicle number plate
  • The period of validity for the vignette has expired or has not yet begun
  • The legal viability of the road use is confirmed by the counterfoil

Toll-free road sections

There are also toll-free sections in the toll road network of Hungary. Currently we know the following sections:

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